Reading the Bible in Poland

Over 90% of Poles have the Holy Bible in their homes. At least on the shelf. But do they read it? How often? Do they perceive the Bible as literature only or as the living Word of God? To which extend are any accompanying deliberations important? What about the usage ob Bible apps? Some results […]

Published: 9 Maya 2019

IMAS Agri: Poles’ knowledge about organic food is getting better

As results from our most recent “Organic food in Poland 2018”, a definite majority of Poles has a fully formed image about organic food and as many as 44% correctly recognizes the green leaf – the EU logo for ecological food. Poles have a high level of awareness and knowledge about eco food. Majority of […]

Published: 11 kwietnia 2019

Organic Food in Poland 2018

How many ecological food customers are there and who are they? What customers segments do not reach for eco food and why? What is the awareness and role of certified ecological food? Do Poles prefer certified organic food or maybe food purchased directly from farmers?

Published: 1 kwietnia 2019