About our panel

What is IMAS OnLine?

Simply put, it is a community of people invited by IMAS to join the internet database of imasonline.pl respondents. During registration, they expressed their willingness to participate in research conducted over the Internet. The respondents shared information about themselves so that they can be identified and verified. Their participation is based on the simple principle of rewarding respondents for submitted opinions.

The panel is actively managed which means that constant recruitment is carried out, the history of participation is kept and invitations to new surveys are being sent on a regular basis. We also keep track of whether the respondents’ data is correct.


How do we care about the quality of our panel?

We pay attention to a few key elements that determine its high quality.

Firstly, we recruit from various sources (social media, mailing campaigns, recruitment in the course of traditional research, references, etc.) in order to maintain the diversity of participants. Secondly, people are admitted to a two-step registration procedure to prevent duplicates. Thirdly, we seek to enhance intrinsic motivation of participants and prevent the effect of „professional respondents” by infrequent invitations to studies and relatively low incentives paid as soon as possible and on favorable terms for the participants.

We have developed intelligent mechanisms of distributing the invitations to surveys, which continuously monitor sending invites only to people suitable for the project. This saves time and effort to other panelists, who in return reward us doing a better job.

We are constantly introducing latest international guidelines for the standardization of the panel management and online research conducting processes. The effects of this work can be learned by reading IMAS’s responses to the ESOMAR’s “28 Questions to Help Buyers of Online Samples”. Anyone interested can compare our methods to the others companies on the market.

How can you find our panel useful?

Take the opportunity to poll IMAS OnLine panelists using an online survey.

If you have your own survey system, you can just send us the link and we’ll send it out to our panelists. You will need to meet the minimum technical requrements that usual research software is equipped with. If you can’t program your own survey, invite us to full cooperation! We will create a survey, connect it to the panel and after a few days you will receive the data or a report.

Ask about the possibility of using the panel, even today.