IMAS Agri: Poles’ knowledge about organic food is getting better

Published:: 11 kwietnia 2019 Author: IMAS International

As results from our most recent “Organic food in Poland 2018”, a definite majority of Poles has a fully formed image about organic food and as many as 44% correctly recognizes the green leaf – the EU logo for ecological food.

Poles have a high level of awareness and knowledge about eco food. Majority of the consumers do have spontaneous associations with eco products, half of which satisfy the EU definition for organic foods. Ecological food is most often associated with growing without the use of artificial fertilizers, as well as appropriate breeding of animals (30%), lack of artificial additives like preservatives, flavoring, colors, chemistry, antibiotics (24%).

IMAS - Organic Food in Poland 2018

The report also shows that four thirds of adults in Poland do look for information about organic food. Internet is the main source of information (65%), followed by opinions of friends and family (32%).

How to recognize ecological food the easiest way?

Katarzyna Łozińska-Wróbel, lead researcher on the eco food project at IMAS, says: “Certified foods have the proper symbol. As results from our study, nearly half of Poles correctly recognizes the green leaf used by the EU as ecological food logo. This makes it fast and easy to identify ecological products. Given the multitude of different symbols or certificates used on the market and related to traditional, regional or natural foods, the result is satisfactory”.

IMAS - Organic Food in Poland 2018

A division of the market into segments was also presented in the study. Eco-enthusiasts, consumers who are the most knowledgeable in this area, say: “Ecological food means food in case of which no artificial fertilizers, spraying or pesticides were used. It has better impact on health and has a natural taste. I choose such foods even if it its appearance is less impressive (smaller fruits or vegetables) and it is more expensive”.

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REPORT: Organic Food in Poland 2018



IMAS International has conducted a study between October 23 and November 6, 2018. The study concerned organic food and was carried out using the CAWI internet interview on two different samples. The consumer study was done on a representative sample of Poles aged 15-65, N=1000. Gender, age, education, size of city and region (NUTS 2) divisions were in line with the division for whole Poland. Moreover, a business study was also conducted on a target sample of companies in the organic and traditional food markets, N=100.


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