Organic Food in Poland 2018

Published:: 1 kwietnia 2019 Author: IMAS International
How many ecological food customers are there and who are they? What customers segments do not reach for eco food and why? What is the awareness and role of certified ecological food? Do Poles prefer certified organic food or maybe food purchased directly from farmers?

The report contains answers to those and many other questions. Study results are a valuable indication for companies planning to enter the eco food market, as well as those already present (including manufacturers, processors, distributors and resellers of organic food) and companies positioning their offer in the segment of healthy, natural, functional or traditional food, as well as associations and publications dedicated to ecological food.

Scope of the consumer research:

  • Customer segmentation regarding attitude towards eco food,
  • Image of ecological food.
  • Reasons and barriers when purchasing organic food,
  • Eco food purchase and consumption (places of purchase, types of products, frequency, spend, selection criteria, Polish vs foreign),
  • Awareness of EU certificate and checking on purchase,
  • Spontaneous awareness of ecological food brands,
  • Purchase of other ecological products,
  • Sources of information about organic food,
  • Healthy eating – what does it mean for Poles and what is the role of eco food?


Scope of business research:

  • Reasons and barriers when purchasing ecological food,
  • Role of the certificate of organic food,
  • Evaluation of the current and future situation on the eco food market,
  • Diagnosis of the current goals and problems faced by the eco food industry,
  • Sources of information about ecological food,
  • Product categories purchased and looked for by consumers.


Method and sample:

  1. CAWI quantitative study on a representative sample of Poles aged 15-65, N=1000
  2. CAWI quantitative study on a purpose sample of eco food companies (manufacturers, processors, distributors and sales of organic food); N=100

Date of research: October-November 2018

Information about the report may be found at:

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