Clients about us

„Further I want to add that I am happy with the way this project has progressed, I enjoyed the communication with your agency and we are happy about the quality of the delivered items.”
Market Probe Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Health, Belgium

„Following the mission you did for us on the account of CSA, Caroline and I would like to emphasize the work done by your team. Your rigor and seriousness throughout the recruiting process and field work was a very precious asset for us to undergo this international study of considerable stakes. Furthermore, the quality of the report your team delivered was excellent and you always made yourself available in order to give us the best comprehension out of the report. Hence, we are very pleased and satisfied by our collaboration and so we are looking forward to work with you again.”
CSA, France

„We hear very good comments form our executives and are very pleased with the service we receive from your company and although we do have a GfK presence in Poland, we would like to retain you on our Approved Supplier List, as well as appointing Imas Poland our number one preferred supplier behind GfK Polonia.”

„I’m writing this letter to confirm the successful output of a recent automotive project that we worked together on. The Small Car clinic project which was conducted, recruited and managed by IMAS International and was completed to a high level of professionalism and efficiency. The staff that worked with MM-Eye Ltd did so in a friendly and effective manner in what is an intense, high pressure work environment.”
MM-Eye Limited, UK

„Thank you for your comprehensive report for Poland, this was very much what we were looking for. Thank you again for working so quickly and efficiently on this project and for delivering a good report.”

„I would like to thank you for the great job you did on this project, I know it was a difficult one and you not only kept up, you beat the deadline. I appreciate all your hard work. I certainly look forward to the next project that we can work on together.”
Gazelle Global, USA

„I got some good feedback for you… yesterday we presented the Polish results to the client, and they were very pleased. Before the discussion started the Polish manager form the client told us (spontaneously) that he was very impressed with the focus groups in Poland – the arrangements were well made, the choice of farmers was excellent, and the moderator did a really professional job. He was really pleased. So thanks once again for your very good work – it’s so nice to hear such positive feedback from a client! Please pass on the good comments to your colleagues who helped.”
Noesis, UK

„Deutsche Welle conducted a media use survey in Poland in 2010. We are happy to confirm IMAS International Sp.zo.o., involvement in conducting the interviews for our survey. The study involved telephone interviews with a national representative sample of people aged 15 years and older in Poland. We would have no hesitation in using IMAS again for any similar work that comes our way.”
Deutsche Welle, Germany

„We are pleased to tell you that the Ipsos Health team enjoyed working with you. Our tight collaboration was very appreciated as this study was conducted properly, in a very professional way and lots of care and on time. So, in regards with those elements, we recommend you in all those kind of study design.”
Ipsos Marketing, France

„It has been an immense pleasure to collaborate with you on this project, and we all look forward to the next opportunity. Thank you so much for your professionalism and involvement.”
MAPI Institute, France

„Our client was very happy with recruitment, moderation and translation. Also the report was fine so thanks a lot for all your help and effort for this study. It was nice to work with you and I hope that we will have the possibility to work once again with you in the not too far future.”
Viewpoint Europe, Germany

„I appreciated to work with you, and I appreciated your good work, very qualitative work.”
GfK HealthCare, France

„Thanks! It was really a pleasure for me as well to work with you, I was very satisfied with your work. I am sure that I will contact you again whenever we have projects in Poland.”
OPINION Market Research & Consulting GmbH, Germany

„I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your work on this project. The client was very pleased with the moderation – and my colleague Petra was extremely happy with the report you provided. Hope to co-operate with you on a future project again.”
Maritz Research, Germany

“I’d like to thank you all of you for making this project such a success. It was the best European project we’ve ever undertaken. I’m looking forward to the next.”
Curan Consulting, USA

“I know that everyone here will agree with me that it has been a real pleasure working with you on this project (…) The discussions were of high value and quality. We were very impressed by your work and comments. Thanks so much again for your hard, continued and very professional work.”
Mapi, France

“Thanks very much for all your help and patience. I just wish that every country we work on this project could be managed so efficiently as you and your team have run this one. Thanks again and until the next time!”
Simpson Carpenter Ltd, UK

“We would like to express our gratitude for the services that your company has provided to Citibank and praise your performance through the whole period. We were happy with the co-operation and your pro-active approach.”
Citibank (Poland) S.A., Poland

“We were very satisfied with IMAS in Poland. Actually, I would say that IMAS Poland probably was one of the best countries I worked with this project”
NFO , Sweden