Community Involvement

IMAS’s commitment to the communities is of real benefit to people who need help. We have been involved in the following activities.

  • Missionary adoption of two children („Duchowa adopcja serca”).In 2007, IMAS decided to adopt two children from Madagascar through Missionary Charity “Missio Misericordiae” (more about the Charity: The goal of this campaign is to enable children living in Madagascar to get an education, as well as to surround them with prayer, love and responsibility.
  •  Sponsorship of a children’s football team in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay.

    IMAS pays for the sports equipment and outfits for young sportsmen. This will help them to keep on training and to improve their skills.
  • Financial support given to foundations by the IMAS OnLine users. As of April 2009, it has been made possible for the IMAS OnLine ( panel users to exchange the points they have gathered during Internet research for payment to a charitable cause. Through us the money is transferred to the bank account of foundations that have been chosen by the panelists. We are currently co-operating with the following organizations:
    • Fundation Fundacja Świętego Mikołaja ( – the money goes to support foster homes which Fundation looks after.
    • The Anna Dymna Foundation “Against the Odds” (Fundacja Anny Dymnej “Mimo Wszystko”) ( – the money goes to help, among others,  the building program “Valley of the Sun” ( “Doliny Słońca”),  – a therapeutic rehabilitation center for disabled people in Radwanowice, in the borough of Zabierzow.
    • Polish Humanitarian Organisation (Polska Akcja Humanitarna) ( – the money goes to help support the program ”Pajacyk”, which has been giving children in schools supplementary food on a nationwide scale since 1994.
  •  Other activities, like:
    • Paying dinner money for poor children in Wrocław,
    • Cooperation with universities and schools by assistance in teaching and sharing our experience,
    •  Organizing and participating in non-profit conferences and meetings,
    • Handing over office equipment and material to non-government organizations.