CATI Studio

IMAS opened the CATI studio in April 1999. Currently, there are 30 professionally equipped workstations.

The CATI interviews are constantly monitored by a supervisor during the fieldwork. The supervisor can track the interviews being held at any time and control the quality of the interviewers’ work. When an interviewing is taking place, the supervisor is able:

  • to completely control the process of collecting data (e.g. listen to live interviews, control the quota)
  • to monitor workstations
  • to listen to an interview taking place at any workstation
  • to follow the content of the questions and their responses on a computer screen
  • to record an interview, e.g. for interviewers’ training purposes
  • to track the statistics

Telephone Interviews with CATI-Support

CATI studio uses CATI-SUPPORT, an original system developed by i-Pi. With the assistance of the IMAS people who provided the concept frames. CATI-Support is a fast, innovative and stable software system for conducting telephone interviews. It is based on the web application so the results or statistics can be accessed by researchers, as well as the study sponsor at any place.

CATI System which was developed and is still being developed with the cooperation with IMAS, enables one:

  • to program even highly complex questionnaires (e.g. complicated rotations, random questions, block responses etc.)
  • to access the results even if the fieldwork is still in progress
  • to code and categorize open ended questions automatically, which, in turn, eliminates the many mistakes which occur in this stage of the process when using standard techniques, and significantly shortens the time of final data delivery
  • it includes, among other things, unique solutions for quality control and the assessment of the interviewers’ work.