Respect is our attitude

Any business activity means various relations between companies and people who dedicate their time, money and skills to one another. We receive our clients’ money, our associates’ time, effort and skills, as well as our business partners’ commitment so that we may support one another in attaining our business and private goals.

This is why we are convinced that one of the most crucial values is respect. Respect is a manner to approach everything that has been entrusted to us, and everyone who trusts us. It is the value we want to follow in everything we do, how we do it and how we treat one another.  We want so understood respect to be the common denominator for every area of our activity. We want it to be a signpost for the relations among us, with our clients, respondents and partners; to determine our approach to any project we manage, our reliability and professionalism, integrity and listening attentively to others.

Respect means that:

  • We take good care of relations  – we do our best to start long term relations based on integrity and understanding.
  • We listen attentively to opinions and ideas – we listen actively to what a client wants to communicate, we try to discover the client’s needs and meet them. We listen to the feedback from our respondents (i.e. by sending e-mails, making the phone calls or rating us on the Internet).
  • We pay attention to work quality – we obtain and develop quality standards and we stick to them. We obtain objective certificates which prove the quality of our services.
  • We meet the deadlines set with our client.
  • We place reliability and professionalism first – while at work, we try to put our heads and hearts into our tasks. We carry on developing and learning new methods, solutions.
  • We care for costs – we do not spend money unnecessarily, we do our best to provide the desired information for a reasonable price. We pay our partners and associates on time.
  • We protect data and privacy – all the information we are provided with is treated with the utmost discretion. As far as it is concerned, we pay attention to fulfilling any trade requirements and the law.