IMAS Panel

IMAS International has been conducting research via the internet since 2005. Since the creation of our online access panel, IMAS OnLine, it has been joined by more than 50,000 participants. In this period, the number of online questionnaires in all our quantitative projects has exceeded the number of surveys implemented by all other methods com bined, reflecting the indisputable strengthening of this technique, which is included in our offer.

The basis of a good online research panel is the quality of the respondents’ database.

We have been striving to achieve it in many ways:

  • We recruit our respondents from various sources (social media, mailing, recruitment in the course of traditional surveys, referrals, banner ads, SEO, SEM, etc.) in order to maintain demographic diversity;
  • We verify the panelists using a two-step registration procedure to prevent multiple registrations of the same person or a bot mechanism;
  • We manage the panel actively, which means that we regularly perform such works as:
    • recruitment of new participants,
    • recording and analyzing the history of participation,
    • checking accuracy of the information given by the panelists,
    • removal of the respondents who violate the rules of procedure,
    • conducting regular panelists’ satisfaction surveys (on a random sample).
  • We strengthen the intrinsic motivation of respondents by applying good practices in interactions with our panelists, and in return they reward us with diligence and dedication to their work on our projects:
    • we make sure that the payments are processed as quickly as possible and with favorable conditions,
    • we have developed mechanisms which guarantee the intelligent inviting of respondents to studies, which continuously monitor and send invites only to the right people needed to complete the project, so that we reduce the amount of people invited and rejected at the beginning of the survey,
    • our dedicated staff unit immediately responds to questions and comments submitted by our panelists via e-mail and telephone,
    • we prevent the occurrence of the “professional respondent” effect by evenly inviting the panelists to take part in our projects (not dividing them into “faster” and “slower”, using relatively low remuneration and strengthening the attitude of self-motivation).

We can carry out online surveys in two ways:

  • if you have your own online survey system, we simply send out our invitation to complete the survey on the link provided by you,
  • when you do not have the possibility to program your own survey, we will create a proper poll script, implement the survey on a sample from our panel, and after a few days we will provide results in the form of data and/or report.