Business continuity (Covid-19)

To whom it may concern,

Due to the changes in the epidemic situation and the threat of Covid-19, we are slowly returning to normal work, taking appropriate precautions in such a way as to protect our employees and interviewers and minimize the impact of the effects of Covid-19 on our research projects.

  • From 10th June the majority of our team resumed their work at the IMAS office. We are available by email and phone at all times. If you cannot contact us directly, please send your message to
  • Projects requiring face to face contact have been resumed with the use of recommended precautions
  • We are also conducting all other studies that do not require personal contact with interviewers, both qualitative and quantitative – telephone interviews and online interviews on our proprietary online access panel IMAS OnLine
  • Our CATI studio works as usual, but we have also introduced the possibility of remote work for CATI interviewers, which allows us to avoid large group of people working in the studio.
  • We will be constantly monitoring the development of the situation and inform our partners and suppliers about any changes.

The current situation results in a change of attitudes, opinions and patterns of using products and services, that is why we encourage public institutions as well as private manufacturers and service providers to continuously monitor the transformation of the market.

We offer quick online data collection based on our certified proprietary online access panel IMAS OnLine, both on representative and targeted samples.

For contact please use the form on our website or send a message to


Kind regards,

Management of IMAS International Poland