How to submit a request

A request for a quotation may be sent in any form. The most important is that it covers all the information that is essential for designing the research project. Below you will find examples of what should be included in your request for a research quotation.

Including them enables you to contact IMAS more efficiently. Please consider the following list as a suggestion, you may add to it or remove points if they are not applicable.

Contents of the Request for Quotation:

  • Description of the marketing problem (market description, characteristics of your business, product category, general business strategy)
  • Research goals
  • Preferred type of research (quality vs. quantity, e.g. focus group interviews, telephone interviews (CATI), product test, opinion polls, etc.)
  • Sampling criteria (gender, age of respondents, usage of specific products, other requirements)
  • Sample size
  • Research area (international, national, local, big cities only, etc.)
  • Deliverables (report with commentary, statistical data, tables with results, presentation, etc.)
  • Timing (date of fieldwork start and end)
  • Expected budget
  • Other important information