Own Methods for Ad Research

IMAS conducts studies on advertising and promotional activities. Our offer includes customized ad hoc research, as well as our ready-to-use standardized research products:

  • Power Tracking – tracking method of checking the perception and effectiveness of the advertising of a brand within a given industry
  • Psychometr – testing of TV advertising effectiveness
  • Ad Watch – quantity ad-hoc survey carried-out on large representative samples.

The main topics discussed in the advertising research are the assessment of awareness, effectiveness (purchase declarations), attractiveness, remembered elements, brand recognition (branding) and others.

Advertising Ad-hoc Research

Tests of the advertising concepts and advertising pre-tests are conducted at every stage of the creation process:

  • concept,
  • initial version of advertising (e.g. storyboard, animatics, design of billboard),
  • final version of advertising (ready spot, billboard, press advertising).

Methods used:

  • modified version of the IMAS own advertising test (Psychometr) with questions extending the evaluation of the understanding of the advert (mainly used for ready TV or radio advertising),
  • ad-hoc in-hall tests – respondents watch an advert and answer questions asked by interviewer according to a questionnaire approved by the client (used to rate the storyboards, packaging, products, other promotional materials),
  • Focus Group Interviews (FGI),
  • Individual In-depth Interviews (IDI).