Product Test

Product Test is the general name for tests whose goal is to check how current or potential consumers evaluate the packaging, label, logo, name, flavor or advertising of a new product or one already available on the market.

Product Testing also enables the consumers’ reactions to labeled (open test) or unlabeled products (blind test) to be tested.

Testing can be carried out in the respondents’ homes, in hall or in a natural place where the products are used or consumed. Tests of products or packaging can also take place during the quality research, e.g. IDI or FGI.

IMAS conducts different types of tests:

  • Monadic Tests – a respondent tests a single product,
  • Sequential Monadic Tests – many products are tested one by one,
  • Comparative Tests – a respondent compares several products at the same time,
  • Protomonadic Tests – a respondent rates several products one by one and finally compares all of them.

IMAS has centrally located, professionally equipped rooms at its disposal. Including a room with a one-way mirror for in hall testing. The testing is performed by trained interviewers with excellent organizational skills and experience of this type of testing where probing is often necessary.

IMAS has experience in conducting tests for FMCG (including flavor, packaging, logo testing and shelf tests) as well as luxury products (fragrance testing).