Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) are a very effective type of research. The programmed questionnaire “leads” the interviewer during the interview and the program keeps you updated about quota fulfillment. Data are saved on the server.

One of the main advantages of CATI is the speed at which the research is carried out. In the case of simple questionnaires, data can be delivered to the client almost immediately after finishing the interviews.

CATI is especially suitable for research on target groups that are difficult to access (e.g. top management), research of advertising effectiveness after the emission (Day after recall), quick polls (e.g. local elections). For B2B studies, CATI is used even more frequently than the traditional methods of data collection.
Main advantages of CATI:

  • standardization of research conditions
  • full control of the data collection process (interviewing, sample fulfillment control)
  • easy to program complex rotations/ random questions/ answers in blocks
  • easy to reach difficult targets
  • speed of realization
  • lower research costs.

CATI also has limitations. The interview length should not be longer than 15 minutes, and the questions with response choices should consider the respondent’s perception, which is limited. It is also advisable to have only a minimum number of open-ended questions.

IMAS offers minibus CATI – multi-topic periodic surveys conducted on the basis of a sample of Poles n=500 aged 18-75 years.