Face-to-Face interviews are conducted by interviewers. The interview can be carried out in any place e.g. in the respondent’s home (in home), on the street, in a hall or in any preferred place (e.g. in a shop when checking customer satisfaction).

During the interview, it is possible to present stimuli materials like visuals (e.g. leaflets, folders), audio recordings (e.g. radio adverts played from a recorder), or multimedia (e.g. TV advert played on computer -> see also CAPI).

The Face-to-Face interview may be longer (even 1 hour), which enables many questions on a given topic to be asked (e.g. attitude & usage studies) or on a number of different topics (e.g. multi-subject survey – OMNIBUS).

IMAS has created its own solutions for developing questionnaires so that even long interviews remain interesting for the respondents. Face-to-Face interviews are conducted at IMAS by experienced interviewers specialized in conducting these kinds of interviews. Interviewers are familiarized with the rules of conducting f2f interviews, have experience in carrying out interviews on different topics and with different types of respondents. The interviewer’s presence provides the possibility to explain tricky questions or the issues which are being discussed, to probe deeper if a response is too general, and to react immediately to any queries from the respondent.

IMAS conducts traditional f2f interviews with a paper questionnaire (PAPI: Paper&Pen Interviewing) or with a programmed questionnaire on a laptop (CAPI: Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing).