minibus CATI

Minibus CATI allows us to deliver high-quality research results in a short time. Telephone survey is conducted on a representative sample of Poles aged 18-75 years.

Minibus CATI is a telephone omnibus of a new dimension and consists of:

Mini price – a customer pays only for the length of the interview, not for the type of a question.
Mini duration – short survey (up to 8 minutes) ensures high quality data. Respondents, who are not tired of testing, provide accurate answers.
Mini formalities – a simple price quotation; we receive questions and begin the survey.

Minibus CATI is an ideal solution for a Customer who has a quick question or a small set of questions and searches for accurate information based on a representative sample (N=500).

You can use it in:

  •   In consumer, social and political research
  •   Testing knowledge, attitudes, preferences and behaviors
  •   Once-off or repeated measurement (tracking)
  •   Supplement or prelude to bigger study

It is also useful when:

  •   When in need to ask a few questions, without the necessity to contract a complete research project – savings
  •   If fast access to representative results is crucial

How to order minibus CATI?

Contact Iwona Michniewicz, CATI Studio Manager: iwona.michniewicz(at)

*) Because of spam programs which collect e-mail addresses over the Internet, in the above address we used (at). To send an email, please type @ in place of (at).