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IMAS International Sp. z o.o.
Instytut Badania Rynku i Opinii Społecznej
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Information on IMAS International

IMAS International Institute for Public Opinion and Market Research is a professional research company, operating in Poland since 1994. Public opinion and market research consist in gathering and interpreting data concerning behavior of consumers, businesses and society. Thanks to them, it is possible to make better and more effective marketing and social decisions.

Since 2005 IMAS International conducts Internet research. Our Internet panel IMAS OnLine ( enables its users to present their viewpoints and attitudes on varied subjects via Internet questionnaires. Properly processed research results (without information identifying research participants) are delivered to our clients. Companies, institutions, political parties and media are among our clients. Part of our research is published on our Internet websites in a form of cumulative statements and diagrams.

IMAS International is a member of international organization associating research agencies ESOMAR and PTBRiO (Polish Association of Market and Public Opinion Researchers). We operate in accordance with regulations of the International Market and Public Opinion Research Code ICC/ESOMAR ( and with other appropriate international and national regulations.

Information gathered on the IMAS International websites

Like many other Internet services, we use different methods to ensure comfort for people visiting our websites. We use cookies, small text files stored in the hard disk of a computer in order to find out what Internet research engine you are currently using, what the operational system is, what the Internet provider is, what visit time is and other information. This allows us to recognize our users always when they visit our websites again. Using cookies allows us to adjust our websites’ layout to the visitors’ needs

IP addresses of the visitors are used to diagnose problems connected with our server work, analysis of the security breaches, and to manage our website. IP address is used to identify and gather statistic data from the people visiting our website (e.g. information on region from which connection was made). This information is not connected with personal data in any way.

We inform that you can configure your Internet research engine to inform you about every cookie file sent on your computer. You can always delete all the cookies choosing proper settings of your researcher.
Furthermore, we inform that we do not use any software which would allow us to trace your moves in the Internet. We do not exercise any secret downloading of information from your computer.

How the information is used?

We passively gather information (via cookie sending, IP addresses analysis) to find out which areas of our websites are the most popular, which need improving, and what technologies are used by our visitors. Additionally, this information helps us to notices gaps in the system and to increase safety of our visitors.

Notification on changes

If we decide to change our Private Policy, information about changes will be placed here to be easily accessible for all the service users.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions connected with researches and comments on: the functioning of our websites, participation in IMAS OnLine panel or how to improve our websites to make them the best for you, please contact us at: imas AT